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A priceless treasure that takes years to complete, the Cloak.

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Text Box:     Maori
Pökarekare ana 
ngä wai o Waiapu, 
Whiti atu koe hine 
marino ana e. 
E hine e 
hoki mai ra. 
Ka mate ahau 
I te aroha e.

Take a minute to explore the amazing culture of The Maori

Te Maori


They are agitated,
The waters of Waiapu,
Cross over girl
'Tis calm.

Oh girl
Return (to me),
I could die
Of love (for you).

Pokarekare Ana,

One of the most famous Maori Songs

Te Kuiti Web Link

Local Waitomo

Maori History

Our Maori Queen

Women: One of my ancestors

Women: Maori Scholars

First Maori Women in Parliament

Can you say this???




Second longest Internationally recorded place name—Wales beat us but we beat Thailand :)




My great great grandfather guiding in the Waitomo Caves

Maori elders welcoming   men back from WW2 with a traditional Maori welcome

My great great grandfather

One of the first tour parties to explore the Waitomo Caves with Tilley Lamps.

Thank you to all those who have let me share these photos of my family and others with you..

 These photos provide me with the links to my past and are invaluable.

 I hope you find them as enlightening and interesting as I do.

Visit key Maori Web Sites, from traditional song & dance (Kapa Haka) to sites that help you understand the custom, process on a Marae and the symbolism behind this. Also included are Maori Regional Tourism Operators (MRTO’s) who have grouped together in tribal groups to share their slice of culture Keep in mind each tribe is different.



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