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Check here for useful links for assignments and grade projects on Maori Culture and History
























Auckland Museum Maori Education Kits

Learning materials for Years 1 to 13 (Ages 6—19)

Great variety of topics well presented


 Te Kete Ipurangi - the Online Learning Centre is New Zealand's bilingual education portal



Exploring Te Ao Kori

Teacher resource materials on Te ao kori (the world of movement), a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions.  Useful for Art teachers and also Physical Education Teachers


Maori Myths and Legends

Variety of stories online, with MP3 versions of the texts



Online quiz:  Maori People of New Zealand

Have fun, and learn about Maori culture.  Interactive. 


Online quiz:  Maori Words Every Kiwi should know

Learn new words from Maori language.  Interactive.


Maori Language:  its history and where it is spoken today.

Good maps and pictures as well as text information.  Suitable for ages 15– adult.



Pictures, sounds and objects from the digital collections of New Zealand’s archives, galleries, museums and libraries.  Very useful search tool for finding the object you need for your assignment.


Making Maori Poi   

Here’s an easy way to make poi similar to those that the Maori use in their poi dances


Maori Recipes

Large range of interesting dishes to prepare and a glossary of Maori cooking terms


How to build a Hangi, or Earth Oven

Experience the unforgettable taste of meat cooked in the traditional Maori style.  Site has lots of recipes and information about traditional herbal medicine of the Maori people.


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